Elevate Your Home Studio

Create Content with Confidence and Transform your space with expert guidance.


Junaid Ahmed

Home Studio Architect – Empowering video creators for effortless and impactful content creation.

  • Founder of Humblezone and Creator of Home Studio Mastery, designed to teach you how to build your home studio
  • Provides podcasters, speakers, and content creators with a comprehensive plan for their studio equipment, lighting, and layout
  • Enables video creators to create effortless content in a comfortable and impressive home studio setting
  • Speaker on the power of home studios, Author of Mastering iPhone Video Production, and Host of the Hacks & Hobbies podcast
  • Two decades of video production and designing websites & apps focused on a systematic process and seamless user experience
  • Father of four creative children who can be seen regularly in his studio, avid cyclist, and busy beekeeper

Studio Transformations

Sandra Thompson

Founder of the Ei Evolution CX & EX Consultancy

Junaid not only helped me to setup my home studio, but he also helped me deal with technical issues that arose from the platform. I talk a lot about emotional connection in the world of CX and my experience with Junaid is one of those. I would instantly recommend him, not because of what he knows, but because of who he is, how he comes across and the fact that he had my back.

Andrew Wang

Managing Partner at Runnymede Capital

Andrew Wang has been in the Financial Advisory space for over 20 years with Runnymede Capital Management. Andrew was able to level-up his studio space by simply utilizing equipment he already owned with the guidance from Junaid to frame his shot, adjust the lighting, add accent lighting and look so good.

Jason Cutter

Founder & Chief Tranfomation Officer at Cutter Consulting Group

One thing I’ve always admired about Junaid is how enthusiastic he gets about certain products and services. I think that enthusiasm really comes through and helps him influence others. He’s converted a lot of people to using Apple stuff just because of how passionate an ambassador he is for their products.

Hala Taha

The Podcasting Princess – Young and Profiting Podcast Host

Travis Lachner brought in Junaid for my studio upgrade. The space transformed in mere days, from a simple room to a world class studio where I get to talk to some of the top industry leaders in the space. I’ve had the pleasure of further working with Junaid to bring 2 custom podcast booth at Podcast Movement in 2023. Best connection ever!

Charlene Helm

Visibility Strategist for Professionals

In 2022, I participated in the 5-day home studio rehab challenge, which was led by Junaid. With his guidance, I was able to transform my home office into a studio. After completing the challenge, I had a clear idea of what changes I needed to make. I re-organized my space, painted it, and added artificial lighting. Now, I stand out on every call and my studio looks amazing.

How We Serve You

Personalized Studio Consult

Transform your space into a content creation haven.

Tailored Gear Recommendations

Streamlined guidance for choosing and configuring the right studio equipment to enhance your creative space.

Exclusive Home Studio Courses

Learn the art of home studio mastery with our comprehensive courses.

Virtual Room Layout

Visualize before you actualize. Our virtual layout service provides a 3d model of your studio.

Transform Your Studio

Master the Core of Studio Setup

  • Lighting Mastery: We fine-tune lighting elements – intensity, colors, positioning – to set the perfect mood.
  • Crisp Audio Quality: Achieve crystal clear sound with our audio setup guidance.
  • Engaging Backgrounds: Create captivating backgrounds that complement your content.
  • Camera Expertise: Get professional camera setup tips for flawless visuals.

Beginner-Friendly Approach: We simplify complex choices, easing the overwhelm.

Personalized Consultation: Benefit from my extensive experience in studio and stage setups for various media.

Empower Your Content Creation: Start creating the content you envision with a studio that reflects your ambition and creativity.”

Home Studio Consultation

With the home studio consultation call, I’ll help you analyze the space for your home studio, equipment that you might need, and decide how to use the equipment and gear you already have. The call will help us figure out needs for lighting, camera angle & lens, audio gear such as microphone and sound absorption, a video switcher for multiple camera angles, custom mounting solutions, etc.

In other words, it’s like a studio check-up.

Virtual 3D Room Layout

Cut straight to the head of the line.

With the Virtual Room Layout, you send me the dimensions of your available space. I do the heavy lifting for you. 

You will receive a customized 3D layout of your room that reveals what your content will look like before you create your first video.


Gear Recommendation

There is no one size fits all for home studio equipment. Each camera lens, body, and type has a purpose.

You want your content to be unique and your studio should be as well. Choosing the right gear allows you to be flexible and upgrade your studio as you grow. 

Schedule your consultation today to learn more.

Live Streaming Setup

A custom-designed live streaming setup will set you apart from everyone else online. When it comes to live-streaming you want to focus on what is going on with the stream while interacting with your viewers. 

Now you can answer questions from your audience and engage with them in real time. 

GET STARTED TODAY by scheduling your COMPLIMENTARY Home Studio Consultation