Home Studio Mastery

Your home studio is your branding and speaks your message with either clarity or murkiness.

Studio Transformations

Andrew Wang
Managing Partner at Runnymede Capital

Andrew Wang has been in the Financial Advisory space for over 20 years with RunnyMede Capital Management. Andrew was able to level-up his studio space by simply utilizing equipment he already owned with the guidance from Junaid to frame his shot, adjust the lighting, add accent lighting and look so good.

Junaid Ahmed
Host, Hacks & Hobbies podcast

I spent a good amount of time in setting up the stage for my studio, with the right amount of lighting, audio absorbtion and camera setup. Bringing it all together to create a look that’s simply breath-taking.

Sandra Thompson
Founder of the Ei Evolution CX & EX Consultancy

Junaid not only helped me to setup my home studio, but he also helped me deal with technical issues that arose from the platform. I talk a lot about emotional connection in the world of CX and my experience with Junaid is one of those. I would instantly recommend him, not because of what he knows, but because of who he is, how he comes across and the fact that he had my back.

This is What YOU Get.

There are four major sections involved when setting up your studio space: Lighting, Audio, Background & Camera.
As we undertake each of these major sections there’s a lot more tweaking involved. Just taking lighting for example; some of the sub-section on lighting alone, are: number of lights, intensity, colors, and positioning needs to be considered.
All of the many intricate elements can get very overwhelming. It almost feels like endless research, reading blogs, watching videos simply to determine what’s going to work best for your setup.
I’ve been setting up studios, stages and scenes for short-films, movies and documentaries let me help you with your setup.

On the Home studio consultation call, we go over each and every option you have available to you. 

This shows you all of the possibilities you have to level up your home studio space.

Listed below are some of the services that are bundled with a home studio consultation call.


It takes a long time to get anywhere, especially when we travel from one part of the country to another yet alone traveling internationally.

With the Virtual Room Layout, you can send me the dimensions of your room or available space, and I’ll create a 3D layout of your room so we can precisely pick the gear that’ll make your studio stand out on its own.

The VRL service shows you what is possible and helps you visualize what your video can look like.


Not all gear is designed to work in every situation. But if you look closely, each lens, camera body, camera type has a purpose of serving. It is very possible that your situation is unique. But what is really important is that you acquire gear that can grow with you as you upgrade your studio and take it to the next level. Jump on call to learn more.


A lot of the times a live streaming setup can look a lot different than a simple home studio. With live streaming you want to keep in your eye on what is going on with the stream and multi-task to take the questions from the audience and respond to them in real-time as they engage with your content.

I’m Junaid Ahmed

Homestudio Mastery: Build Your Space
Host of Hacks & Hobbies podcast 
Father of 3 Kiddos

I’ve been creating videos for the past 3 decades, on camcorders, point & shoot, DSLR, and Smartphones.

In 2020, like the rest of the world I started working from home which enabled me to bring all my knowledge around video production, setting up stages and scenes for short films into my own home studio. Within months I had my studio setup to create live streaming content, video podcasting and showing folks how to setup their home studios from the ground up.

I now help others in bringing out their amazing personalities and getting camera-ready. It’s really easy to spend money and buy the gear to setup your own home studio. The hardest part is still learning how to talk in front of the camera.

I also utilize YouTube to teach about the software and hardware on how to integrate them into your life with simplicity.