The Consultation

Podcast host Ghamdan Al-Areeky, who produces a diabetes-focused podcast after previously running an organic health products business, met with home studio expert Junaid Ahmed to discuss optimizing his recording setup.

Software Options

Junaid provided an overview of live streaming and recording software like Ecamm mLive for Mac, vMix for Windows, and Streamyard or Restream for web based live streaming.. He demonstrated how Ecamm Live integrates with Zoom for easy guest interviews, now available in version 4.3

Equipment Choices

Ghamdan’s current gear includes a Sony a6400 mirrorless camera and Rode NT-USB microphone. Junaid suggested exploring smaller earphones and audio interfaces to enhance the overall sound.

Audio Tuning Tips

Junaid demonstrated equalizing audio in Adobe Audition to boost vocal frequencies and remove low/high ranges. Microphone type, room treatment and proper gain staging impact sound quality.

Video Quality Fixes

Issues like pixelation in Zoom calls were traced to sending a 4K signal. Reducing the camera resolution to 1080p, adjusting ISO and adding lighting diffusion improved the video quality.

Sticking with Listeners

With minor adjustments to software, equipment and settings, Ghamdan can achieve studio-quality audio and video on a budget to keep audiences engaged.

Ghamdan’s Gear

Sony a6400 mirrorless camera
Rode NT-USB microphone