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Lighting, Audio, Background & Camera

These are the four major focus areas when setting up your studio space.

During our time together we will address each of these areas and make any necessary adjustments. For example; on lighting: The number of lights, intensity, colors, and positioning needs to be considered.

For beginners, some of these elements can get very overwhelming. Our objective is to reduce the feeling of anxiety that comes with getting started, minimize the time spent on researching what equipment is needed, and help you get started quickly.

Walk away feeling confident in your new home studio setup.

By leveraging my years of experience setting up studios, stages, and scenes for short films, movies, and documentaries, you will feel like a pro in your personal studio.

During your Home Studio Consultation, you will discover every option available to you.

Level up your home studio space with confidence today. Imagine creating the content you have been dreaming of with a look you can be proud of.

Here are some of the services bundled with your home studio consultation call.


Cut straight to the head of the line.

With the Virtual Room Layout, you send me the dimensions of your available space. I do the heavy lifting for you. 

You will receive a customized 3D layout of your room that reveals what your content will look like before you create your first video.


There is no one size fits all for home studio equipment. Each camera lens, body, and type has a purpose.

You want your content to be unique and your studio should be as well. Choosing the right gear allows you to be flexible and upgrade your studio as you grow.

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