Hack My Studio – Virtual Makeover

Ready to transform that cluttered workspace or bland room into a functional and cinematic office? Dive into our Hack My Office – Virtual Makeover and upgrade your workspace into a sleek home studio fit for a pro!

Remote Makeover

Transform Your Space Virtually

Studio Design & Recommendation: We’ll draft a 2D visual layout of your space, making the most of every nook and corner.

  • Virtual Office Assessment: Understand your space’s potential and limitations.
  • Acoustic Wizardry: Tailor-made solutions to get the best sound quality.
  • Illuminate & Shine Design: Optimal lighting suggestions to make you and your space look great.
  • Camera & Gear Match-up: Recommendations tailored to your unique needs.
  • Office Aesthetics & Vibe Recommendations: Elevate your space’s look and feel.
  • Digital Troubleshooting Manual: A guide to handle tech hiccups.
  • On-Cam Charisma Coaching: Boost your confidence and command on screen.

Investment: $5,500

Virtual Makeover

Guided Transformation

Everything from Remote Makeover, with the added bonus of my direct involvement every step of the way:

  • 3 Personalized One-on-One Virtual Consultations: Dive deep into your specific requirements.
  • Office Aesthetics & Vibe Crafting: Detailed sessions to refine the ambiance.
  • Color Adjustment & Lighting Placement: Expert-guided tweaks for a flawless look.
  • Live Setup & Troubleshooting: Real-time support to get everything in place.
  • Live Review & Feedback: Ensure everything aligns with your vision.

Investment: $7,500

Done For You

The Ultimate Personal Touch

Let me take the reins! In addition to all the features from Virtual Makeover, I’ll personally ensure your studio stands out:

  • Personal Touch: I’ll fly out to your location.
  • A Day With Me: We’ll spend a dedicated day setting up your camera, perfecting lighting, and decorating your room.
  • Advanced Creative Direction: Tailored, expert advice to make your studio unique.
  • In-Person Coaching: Benefit from face-to-face guidance.
  • Multiple Camera Angle Setups: Versatility for varied content.
  • Follow-Up Tech Support: Post-setup support to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Includes Gear

Investment: $24,500

Please message me to learn more about this option.