5-Day Home Studio Rehab Challenge

Transform Your Space into a Professional Video Studio



Home Studio Rehab Challenge


Day 1 - Room Analysis


Day 2 - Studio Design


Day 3 - Talent Lighting


Day 4 - Audio Treatment


Day 5 - Cameras & Lenses

This free 5 days challenge will give you


“Junaid not only helped me to setup my home studio, but he also helped me deal with technical issues that arose from the platform.”
Sandra Thompson

Let’s Get Down To Brass Tacks


What’s Included in the Challenge?

Day 1

Room Analysis

On day one, we will discuss the components of a successful home studio. We will explore industry best practices, analyze room dimensions, and strategize on the best location and layout for a studio. Additionally, we will provide tips for optimizing room dimensions and planning studio space.

    You’ll walk away with:


    How to analyze your room


    Best practices on setting up your room


    Fresh start for your studio

    You’ll walk away with:


    Where all of the lights in your room are going to go


    The three point lighting basics to highlight the Talent


    Learn whether you need to upgrade your internet service or not

    Day 2

    Talent Lighting

    During day two we are going to work together to understand the best lighting for your particular space. At the end of day two, your room will begin to look different and you are going to start to see a shift in how things are looking.

    Day 3

    Audio Mastery

    Day three is all about audio equipment and sound treatments. Once you have the lighting just right you want to make sure that you sound as good as your studio is starting to look, and we’ll help you do just that.

    You’ll walk away with:


    What's the best audio equipment for your set up


    The best placement for your mic


    End-to-end sound treatment for your whole room

    You’ll walk away with:


    Suggestions for Decor items


    Digging deeper into your inner self to identify what defines you as a person


    Setting up surroundings for your whole room

    Day 4

    Studio Design

    We’re going to talk about one of the most important things that enable your brand and presence to shine through your videos on day four. We’ll give you ideas to help you tell your unique story to your audience and share your brand with the world.

    After 5 Days Challenge, You’ll

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    Ecamm Live Subscription

    Meet your Instructor

    Junaid Ahmed

    Junaid Ahmed is the creator of the Hacks & Hobbies podcast, which enabled him to go on a journey to create this course through first-hand experience. A Filmmaker and Producer of documentaries bringing Hollywood film tactics to your home studio.

    Day 5

    Cameras & Lenses

    On our final day together we’ll break down cameras and lenses. We will go over a few popular choices and the purpose they serve so that you can get the best out of your current equipment or plan for your next upgrade with ease.

    Walk Away With:


    What's the best camera for your set up


    The best lens you will need


    Where does the camera need to be positioned alongside the lights.

    All you need to know about the…

    Home Studio Rehab

    Let’s Collaborate to Build Your Best Studio

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    Sandra Thompson

    Founder of the Ei Evolution CX & EX Consultancy

    Junaid not only helped me to setup my home studio, but he also helped me deal with technical issues that arose from the platform. I talk a lot about emotional connection in the world of CX and my experience with Junaid is one of those. I would instantly recommend him, not because of what he knows, but because of who he is, how he comes across and the fact that he had my back.

    Andrew Wang

    Managing Partner at Runnymede Capital

    Andrew Wang has been in the Financial Advisory space for over 20 years with Runnymede Capital Management. Andrew was able to level-up his studio space by simply utilizing equipment he already owned with the guidance from Junaid to frame his shot, adjust the lighting, add accent lighting and look so good.