I recently had a consultation call with my client Ross Brand, who produces a podcast from his home, to discuss ways he could improve the functionality of his small home studio room.

Creating a Layout Built for Podcasting

As podcasters know, an organized and well-laid out studio space is key to an efficient workflow. Ross’ room currently had beds taking up much of the space, which is not conducive to recording or editing podcasts. We brainstormed rearranging furniture like the beds and desk to open up the floor plan and create a dedicated podcasting area. Stacking mattresses or using corner beds were some ideas to clear valuable floor space.

Utilizing Available Wall Space for Podcasting

With beds and other items moved, Ross will have a large blank wall available as a backdrop for recording video podcasts. Mounting his camera across from it and focusing it on this wall will clean up his shots.

Gearing Up for Better Audio and Video Quality

For podcasters, audio and video quality are top priorities. I recommended mounting Ross’ lights and cameras directly to his desk to avoid tripod obstructions that could create clutter. We also discussed optimizing settings on his Sony a6400 camera for video podcasting.

Adding Tools to Keep Listeners Engaged

Keeping viewers and listeners engaged is key to any podcast. As someone who produces video podcasts, Ross was interested in my teleprompter setup, I also call it a confidence monitor, which helps hosts appear more natural on camera. Seeing how it keeps talent engaged inspired him to consider adding one.

Gear Mentioned

  • Blackmagic ATEM video switcher
  • Canon camcorder
  • Sony a6400 mirrorless camera
  • Logitech webcam
  • Sony Action Cam

Who is Ross Brand?

Ross Brand is the host and producer of the Live Streaming Universe podcast network. For over 10 years, he has been a pioneer in the live streaming space, interviewing industry leaders and experts on his various shows.

Ross is also the bestselling author of the “Live Streaming Predictions” book series, now in its 5th edition. The books have become go-to resources for live streamers, compiling Ross’ forecasts on upcoming trends and developments in live video technology.

Through his podcasts and books, Ross has established himself as a thought leader and valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about live streaming. He regularly shares insights from his vast experience with creating, building, and monetizing live video businesses.

In addition to producing content, Ross also runs training programs and provides consulting services to help other entrepreneurs launch and grow their own live streaming ventures. His depth of knowledge and ability to predict changes in the industry years in advance have earned him respect and admiration from colleagues.